"Now hold up there Baba Looey", as Sheriff Quick Draw McGraw would say. Why would I say this. Let's put love into perspective. Love in the Bible, has become a general word in our everyday vocabulary, that can be directed at person to person, relationship to relationship or at a thing. When directed toward things, love means enjoying or taking pleasure in those things. Love directed towards a person is as simple as a pleasing or desire for them.

The Greek put a different spin on it; Eros, or sexual passion. Philia, or deep friendship. Ludus, or playful love. Agape, or love for everyone. Pragma, or longstanding love. Philautia, or love of the self.

These are thin slices of love, Eros, Philia, and agape that all comes from desires or a friendship but doesn't necessarily develop into a longing for a person.

Love is to feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment or a care or concern for (someone) that can amount to a stranger or a neighbor. Love draws you into a relationship but doesn't solidify the relationship, that is why married couples can have affairs and even divorce. A man or woman can even love two people at one time because love can be spread among others by infatuation,

obsession, care and concern.

What's love got to do, got to do with it What's love but a second hand emotion. There is some truth to these words that means, love is not completely fulfilling because love isn't a need but a desire. Love is a second hand emotion made up of thin slices of desire. A longing is more powerful in a relationship than loving in a relationship. Longing; is (exclusive) a feeling of needing something or someone very much: He gazed at her, with his eyes full of longing.

If you feel longing or have a longing for something or someone, you have a rather sad feeling because you need or yearn them very much. You can love or desire anything but longing is exclusive for home, family or a mate that you need to come back to and there is no replacement or substitute. Love is instantaneous, and can be substituting therefore spread to another mate even after the death of a mate but longing is not easy to transfer to someone else just because you love them. Love will break a heart, longing is your heart breaking.

Love comes from the head but longing comes from the heart.