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If you begin to identify some elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, pattern) and see designed ideas and techniques it can all be different. The usage of a variety of materials to create art (tempera, finger paint, watercolor, collage, clay) can be viewed in a class of Kindergartners. Their display of creativity will never be duplicated amongst the group. No horizontal or vertical lines in agreement, no perfectly placed colors or circular patterns in agreement.

Analyze the attached picture of the children of different races, ethnicities, and possible religions. These children are all anatomically the same. Head, eyes, mouth, arms and legs in the same places. But if you look at their art work it is all diametrically opposed completely and directly in opposition to each other. Although picturesque with an artistic appeal, and beautiful they have some elements of wildness.

What theological message is there in this Kindergarten class photo. The students being anatomically the same indicates one pattern from one creator. Their artworks proves that many entities produces different patterns. No three children or three Gods can produce the same image. Their creativity would be directly in opposition to each other. Two or more things that are essentially different cannot produce the same. Many Gods produces many images.