Each race in the modern world seems to have very little trust in the other in particularly the white race. The ‘conflict’ model claims that the more that diverse groups interact, the more social tension there will be. The ‘contact’ model, on the other hand, suggests that the more that different groups interact, the less they will fear each other. Unsurprisingly the first model is favoured by conservatives to justify restrictions on immigration and the control of Civil rights.

White Americans distrust not merely people who do not look like them, but even people who do from Europe and South America. So, what are the chances for Black Americans being trusted, zero to nil.

The approach is reciprocal, Blacks do not trust white because of 250 years of history and that is the reason all white people are treated like a pit of snakes. You don't know which one will bite you.

Can this theory of a pit of snakes ever change. Not as long as there is fear, that is, a pit of urban tears generated by racism by those few who are indistinguishable from those who are good whites. Who are the good ones, we don't know? Until that day and time comes and all is revealed, everyone is a snake.