Airlines were quick to suspend flights to mainland China following the outbreak of the deadly new coronavirus reacting to reduced demand and hoping to help prevent its spread.

Some airlines even went as far as to cutting service to Chinese territories outside of the mainland including Hong Kong and Macau.

I have been to mainland china approximately 3 times. Beijing 3 times, Shanghai 1 time and Hong kong 2 times. The face masks are nothing new to China, they have been wearing them for years because of the smog. Which is why Chinese spit everywhere. There are signs that says, "Do not spit in building". Back to the face masks that seems to be a fashion statement. They are worn everywhere well before the Coronavirus outbreak but they are not effective.

This is why in China. They do not wash their hands. Although they secure their breathing they do not practice anyother type of hygiene. Especially on Wafujing snack street which I have visited a couple of times that has more fried up animals, sea serpents and bugs than a zoo have them live. And as they are out there a dozen hours a day frying and selling they do not have bathroom with running water because they are on the street curbside with maybe bottled water. So what you eat, even if it is on a stick, you are also eating what WAS on their fingers.