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Why should God use books to reveal himself when he has earth divided into two equal halves called hemispheres or five main layers of the earth call atmospheres: the exosphere, the thermosphere, the mesosphere, the stratosphere and the troposphere. What was the reason for thoughts on papyrus or stone to theologically express the omniscience of God. It is the convention and the invention of man so that God can be expressed in writing as desired and words of expressions be conveniently erased. Why should a God of the universe use the finite discoveries of man called the Bible, Koran, Torah to reveal himself, is not the stars, moon, sun, seas and earth strongholds of the facts that there is a God. Must we believe a book with careless thoughts to believe that he is. Abraham and Moses believed in a God before the Torah so what was their revelations to have a reverence for an unknown God. Man didn't come to the Western hemisphere and look into the sky and say there is a God, he took his belief from a book. Yet when his boat sat on water that was God. When he sailed the tradewinds that was God. When the rain came down on their faces that was God. But it took three books, the Koran, the Torah and the New Testament to convince man with his shortsightedness that there is a God. These three pieces called books written by man can be destroyed, lost and edited by man again and a again but the world cannot be edited or erased as a witness to God.