I for one was not a Kim Kardashian fan, I thought her life was self-rewarding. Lately she has proven herself to be a productive citizen in society and not in dollars alone. She has commanded the attention of the Justice system and has assisted in freeing (2) women from prison.

What Black singer, entertainer, minister or politician have pull off this feat. Yes, we certainly can give Lebron James credit as well, he was also instrumental in the freeing Cyntoia Brown, a Tennessee woman and alleged sex trafficking victim serving a life sentence in prison for killing a man when she was 16.

You can say Kim Kardashian moved like the angel in Acts 12:3–19, "says that Peter was put into prison by King Herod, but the night before his trial an angel appeared to him, and told him to leave. Peter's chains fell off, and he followed the angel out of prison, thinking it was a vision".

Give her credit where credit is due. She helped freed the captive.