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If Jesus, Allah and Jehovah are one of the same divine entities, why are they giving different laws and answers to life according to the Torah, New Testament and Koran. Why do they each have their own followers that are established below Abraham and Moses. Is Jesus the son of Allah if Allah is God by a different name. Can an area 1000 square miles in the Middle east produce three Gods with different religions who are suppose to be the same. The answer is, yes.

Is this entertainment to God or a disappointment by giving man freewill to do this. How must we choose a God; is it by man's information, culture, customs or by him who speaks authoritative. Can a God really exist in a human body like Jesus and die. Can a God have a chosen people like Israel. Can a God have two distinctive pattern of justice like the Sharia laws and the Mosiac laws. Why would a God give himself a name and not an image. If we can identify a God similar to the wind patterns taking different paths then we can call God out like the Santa Ana, Polar easterlies, Westerlies, Horse latitudes, Trade winds, and the Doldrums winds. What if we are wrong in our assessment of the true God, do we lose out for having limited information. Or just maybe the whole intent is to show an allegiance to a God whether wrong or right with minimum proof. Afterall could it be that the Gods whether named or unnamed is to make us abide by laws in the hemisphere which we live.