You can make good decisions without God and bad decisions with God whomever that God maybe, whether Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha,.... You say, my God doesn't make bad decisions, then how do you know it's God making a decision for you anyways; because it was favorable.

Let me plead my case, marriage is an institution all over the world that follows divine guidelines. It is a decision that is considered holy, dedicated and consecrated by God, whomever that God may be. Yet thousands upon thousands of marriages are dissolved everyday under the pretense that they were in agreement with their God. But remember, every culture has their own God, so are all Gods seeing that their believers get good answers. Many people seek their God's help but are not coherent enough to recognize the right answer or who is giving the assumed answer because those who depend on a God for answers are not problem solvers but answer-seekers. Just listening for an answer or explanation is not a means of effectively dealing with a problem without being analytical. You don't escape making a decision because you sought an answer from your God.

Is the answer in your head good or bad not whether you think it's from your God or not. Listening does not necessarily solve that problem of who it is from because you can have two possible answers in your head, the question is what is best. Afterall your mind is the funnel to all answers. To have God is no more a guarantee for a good answer than not having God for a bad answer because it takes some thought on your behalf and not a blind faith approach to the assumed right answer. All over the world many cultures are getting the right answers from many assumed Gods. Therefore empirical evidence says all Gods can give good answers to their believers and those who are atheist can receive good answers from their own analysis.