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Of the billions of religious people in the world are all wrong. Even though their theological concepts are unproven. Yet they have established their own God(s) of hope and prosperity by their faith. To have a God is part of the goodness of life regardless of what's unproven or simply wrong but that is what's right about all religions. Faithfulness is trying to be loyal to someone/something no matter what. Loyalty is the untethered outcome of strong feelings for receiving support from a God(s). To have lived on this earth for thousands of years human assurance of a God is obvious but who that God is is not. Therefore we exist in a society with theological indoctrinations that remains unpredictable, unproven having no divine acknowledgement of right or wrong. But that's what's wrong in a good way. To simply believe in some divine authority is good even if your theology stays unproven. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all possibly wrong because neither can be verified for authenticity.