Innate, inborn, congenital, hereditary describe qualities, characteristics, or possessions acquired before or at the time of birth. ... Congenital refers most often to characteristics acquired during fetal development, especially defects or undesirable conditions. Add innate to emotions as an undesirable condition. A

biologically driven reactions to certain challenges, sculpted by evolution to help you survive.

Africans and Africans Americans are known to be an emotional people where every reaction is with the heart rather than with the head. Much of it reinforced by slavery where attitudes were a matter of life and death. For Black people it is not just a matter of nuture being the facilitator but it also involves nature from living in a racist society for over 400 years. In contrast to Blacks emotions are Caucasians, East Indians, Jews and Asians who all are innately logical people a feature of brains rather then using brawn. The difference between the aforementioned people is they don't have mental acuity and the physical strength together as Black people do. From Blacks mental acuity comes emotions rather than emotional intelligence that is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Black people are religious not from facts but emotions. There are more Black preachers than Black scientists or Mathematicians. Blacks govern themselves from emotions. Decisions are made from emotions. Even deaths are handled with emotions quite a contrast from other races. The exception are Middle easterners and death. Emotions have held the Black communities back. Shouting, shooting, marching and protesting are all emotions but the bus boycott of the 1960s was logical. Riots of the 1960s were emotional moves but Brown verses the Board of education was logical. Civil unrest was an emotional move but the Civil rights negotiating and signing was logical.