At what age do Black men stop bragging on their dicks. The underlying meaning of this "supposed" idiom points to the wasted time men spend elevating their present or pass sexual conquests instead of solving the world problems. Let simplify this, instead of solving the hood problems. It is a bragging time to compare whose sexual, and social conquests of women is bigger.

What is the societal ranking for this foolery and what skills are present for conquering life. Isn't penis bragging equivalent to an adolescent's

pissing contest, or pissing match, a game in which participants compete to see who can urinate the highest, the farthest, or the most accurately.

A dick bragger is a special kind of man whose wallet is more often smaller than his penis and his brain is not too far behind. You mostly find these dick braggers in the clubs but don't be naive, they are also in the churches identified by their inside shoes and outside car and no Bible in sight.

When you hear of a dick bragger think of the more high-powered braggers like former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown. Or Rev. Jesse Jackson back in the day and most recently R. Kelly and their pursuit of women. It is not an actual comparison of their anatomy but their position, money, power, and prowessness with women. As a little boy in the 1960s I could always tell who the dick braggers were in the hood from the stories they told and their unsolicited schooling about women. And they were of all ages telling these stories. The ones I knew in the hood turned out either saved, incarcerated or dead.