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"Is God Dead?" was an April 8, 1966, cover story for the news magazine Time. A previous article, from October 1965, had investigated a trend among 1960s theologians to write God out of the field of theology. The 1966 article looked in greater depth at the problems facing modern theologians, in making God relevant to an increasingly secular society. But a different twist is presented, was Jesus designed to stand alone.

Everything concerning the Godhead about Jesus is implicitly implied though not plainly expressed about his divine properties. Was he a son of God, therefore was he God in the flesh. By giving him divine authority as a man the concept of God the father has become less on the consciousness of man. You need to believe in Jesus to go to heaven and not by God the father. You pray to the father in Jesus's name. Because he is part of the trinity to pray to the father requires Jesus to sanction the prayer. You ask Jesus to forgive your sins, heal your body, resolve your problems.

What relevance does God provide to the 21st century when Jesus is the God of all trades and second to none. Jehovah God has become a figure of speech a metaphor a word or phrase used in a non-literal sense for rhetorical or vivid effect. Jehovah God was the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham and David but the power given to the resurrection of Jesus has diminished the God of Genesis to the point that the question is asked "Is God dead and buried" but Jesus is alive and well afterall God is not needed to be saved.