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Let me ask this question. Are you; your soul? And does the soul die with the body. If you pray to God to move on events involving the body why can't you pray to God to move on things involving the soul. When we pray it is for the body which encompasses the soul but the soul needs help as well.

In the mid-’90s, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was criticized for vicariously baptizing dead people without asking permission of their living family members.

Jewish organizations, for example, were enraged to learn that Mormons had performed proxy baptisms for both Nazis and Holocaust victims, including Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank. Mormons agreed to limit post-death baptism to their own ancestors in 1995, but members have frequently been accused violating this policy.

If the mormons can baptize the deceased why can't they be prayed for when it comes down to their soul that doesn't die.

Death is the final word in life but not a silence in death. We don't know the affects of praying for the dead just as we don't know whether there is a heaven or hell but we maintain the belief. If you can believe that Jesus brought souls back to the body, that indicates the soul is still active. And if a spirit is present in the world the soul is not far away.