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Which one represents Jesus, (Truine) 3 in 1 or (Triad) 3 spiritually connected but physically separate entities. Christians do not know that they are following the Tertullian concept about Jesus. Tertullian was prolific early Christian author from Carthage in the Roman province of Africa who was the first to mention the trinity. Tertullian talks about the trinity theory but it is the wrong theory used by Christians to talk about God the father, Holy spirit and son being one. To call God the father, the Holy spirit and the son a trinity is not completely correct. If you believe in the trinity theory how do you explain Jesus being the only one of the three to die on the cross if they are 3 in 1. To call God the father, the Holy spirit and the son a triad is what Tertullian believed and meant. The triad can explain why Jesus was the only one to die on the cross. Because a triad is a group or set of three autonomous entities with God as the founding member Jesus could be executed individually without God and the Holy spirit.