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A cop-out n. refers to taking the easy way out of a sticky situation. Placing blame or responsibility on something or someone else to make things easier for yourself. Cop-out has come to mean an easy opt out, an escape from facing up to something. There are things in life and religion that you simply do to cop out to renege on your responsibilities.

As an example, not being a good father or mother because you didn't have one or know how to be one is a cop out for being responsible and learning how to. Smoking marijuana or cigarettes as pacifiers to problems is a cop out when used towards all circumstances that changes constantly and have different scales of affects in your life. Always requesting "prayer" is a cop out being it is easier to replace inactivity of self with words of faith to expect deeds from God rather than solutions applied from your own thoughts. Tithing is a cop out being it is a tool used to get more money from God rather than to work to make more money using your own skills.

Praying for good health caused by a sickness from a poor diet is a cop out rather than having a good food regimen to establish and maintain good health. We opt out of being responsible with a diet to participate in a prayer health plan when God doesn't offer open enrollment.

We use many things i.e., prayer, tithing, faith to opt out or renege on being responsible. We establish a false pretense with God as to why we can't do something and must settle on praying, tithing, and faith as if God doesn't know the true you opposing to use psychology maturity to respond to your circumstances. As an example, you ignore psychological maturity to gauge the correct time and location of a job interview and settle on God getting you there on time. To have a psychological maturity is to know what to eat rather than praying and hoping God will make the food good. Learning how to act under pressure rather than asking God for emotional control. These are cop outs to simply opt out of being responsible and cherry picking what you want God to do for you rather than you doing it yourself.