Everyone fears spiders even if they are harmless because their features has set them apart for being fast with fangs therefore dangerous. If you crush it it continues to move. Cuba is the spider crushed but not dead even after being socially and economically ostracized it continues to move. It is simply a country trapped in the early 20th century for not being politically expedient for the past 60 years. 60 years of embargoes and US laws prohibiting Americans and their currency from entering the country of Cuba. Cuba simply didn't die from all that political crushing and hate from America's conservative politicians.

Americans can freely go to the most dangerous countries in the world, Iraq, Iran, even North Korea they will kill Americans at the drop of a bomb but Cuba with no weapons and whose only sin was allowing the Soviet Union to store weapons of mass destruction on their land 60 years ago, and for that, they became ostracized, feared and hated like a spider.

I have been to Cuba twice in the last two years I am actually here in Havana now January 2019, Santiago was in 2017 and neither have any apparent economical starvation but they are a relic of the 1960s to this day. A back to the future with automobiles and infrastructure.

How is it possible to survive after 60 years of embargoes? By having a will to survive. The Cuban government always seems to find a way to survive although with difficulties inspite of the US revolting against them. Former president Obama was instrumental in opening the doors of Cuba being they are our neighbors from the south.

It is amazing that born again American Christian conservatives will love their eastern neighbors who looks like them but not Cubans. The east presents lilly-white Russians someone who fit into the American society of warmongering, but Cubans our next door neighbor of mixed races are hated and they don't have a pot to piss in and always remain silent but they were old friends with our lilly-white eastern nemesis the Soviet Union from the past. Cuba is a survivor and will always be. Yes, it is old, dilapidated, poor, isolated and starved and a relic of the past but still existing.

There is a saying you the hater cannot go anywhere pn your journey as long as you keep your foot on the hated's neck.