The Civil Writer Magazine

I lose myself in every object created by God. When I think of space my mind travels extraterrestrially beyond the telescope's vision to know what's on the other end of space. Is space timeless because it doesn't use the sun and moon for time but it contains them in gravity. Does space ever end. Is earth like a chip of glass in a massive parking lot of planets.

How can we know a God that can see to the end of space and time but has been delimited to a book. Why would a God be fixated on a concept of faith. Must I predicate John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God"... with absolute value to be considered a reliquary hidden deep in the Bible expressed by man rather than God. My mind says before the beginning was God and thoughts became words. The power was in the thoughts because the words seemed to be so imperfect when it came to man. How can God

be so perfect with words to create an imperfect man with words but to write a perfect book about himself and in that perfect book he becomes imperfect and threatening to man because man won't voluntarily correct what God has imperfectly done. This is a curious mind losing myself in space and time absorbed in the findings God has permitted me to wonder about leaving nothing to faith but to empiricism derived from sense-experiences and posteriori knowledge to indicate inductive reasoning from my surroundings.