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Many Bible readers are taught to gather a critical explanation or interpretation of why the Children of Israel wondered in the wilderness for 40 years. While they were in the desert, God gave them miraculuous provision: manna from heaven for food, and water from a rock.

Today it seemingly has no effects on Jews.

What is there, if at all, that are positive correlations between wandering 40 years in the wilderness and 400 years in slavery. According to Exodus, a pillar of fire provided light so that the Israelites could travel by night during the Exodus from Egypt. Black slaves didn't wander aimlessly but were mentally and physically shackled by the whip and only ate what the slave owners permitted. What do Black Americans find so bewildering about 40 years but not 400 years that has mentally mind-shackles many of you today.

The definition of "mind-shackled is a figurative restraint that keeps you mentally in place or prevents you from doing what is right. The 21st century African Americans are bound by 400 years of slavery when the ideal of marriage as an enduring lifelong bond is forfeited as an option. When slaves stood before clergy or other officiants in slavery, they couldn’t share the traditional, age-old promises of permanent fidelity because their vows had a built-in asterisk of being sold. Today's offspring of slavery 400 years later are shackled by traditions of short marriages and splintered families. So don't look for a message in those 40 years in the wilderness by Israel but a solution to offset 400 years of mind-shackles with your own people.