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Nudity is: "bare; empty," not fully clothed. If a woman is topless but her areolas are covered in print media she is not naked. If her areolas are showing she becomes nude.

You would think this is a mutually enforced US law on TV and print and it is, but only for white women. The US laws sexualizes white women's breast but they do not sexualize the breasts of African or South America tribal women the same way. Perhaps it is because in the western hemisphere women typically wear tops.

There shouldn't be an exception to nudity if it's not a white woman. Are African and South American women breasts a part of the jungle or brush scenery or are they a lesser part of womanhood. Melania Trump poses topless and America's censorship kicks into high gear, not because she is first lady but a white woman. Had Michelle Obama been photographed nude or topless would the media censorship kick in. Better yet wouldn't the Christian white conservatives have a rebuke of her being first lady [FLOTUS].

If you look at the documentaries of the Discovery and History channels they are true to the cultures they film for TV and magazines. There are no objections to African and South American women being topless in their media but for white women there is careful consideration even if they are breastfeeding. Why is there such disparity with nudity between white women and others? Minorities nudity is becoming normalized on TV and print when it comes down to National Geographics and the History Channel while white nudity is only for profit generating.