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Spiritology is the study of spirits from a empirical stand point rather than just a biblical perspective. Where do our human spirits go after death. If you believe in ghosts, you're not alone. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that are removed from the body at the time of death to live in houses, buildings, schools, graveyards and even on farmlands. In fact, families of spirits aka ghosts seems to exist, move, make sounds and become spiritually visible outside of heaven and hell. Which brings those two places into question do they (i.e., heaven and hell) really exist or do spirits take residency on the aforementioned properties. And the answer is yes. They are everywhere.

If we look at the Christian perspective of death; mankind dies with only two places for the spirit to reside and that amounts to a biblical heaven if good and hell if bad, but observation says spirits do remain on earth. Does this empirical evidence of earthly spiritual activity indicate that there is no heaven or hell. Is the grave and the last residency where the person lived and possibly died the only places we know to exist for the spirit aka ghost.

If you have a disturbing death i.e., murder, suicide, accident, sickness does your spirit remain on earth wondering? If your spirit is capable of remaining on earth who has central control of a spirit's place of residency. There is more historical and empirical evidence than biblical truths that says man's spirit has only two places to reside, the grave, the earth and not some biblical heaven and hell.