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Although love can be blind love cannot be too blind to not be able to sympathize or empathize with a mate's societal struggles. An interracial relationship with a partner who can sympathize is a necessary component in the relationship to show consolation, comfort, solace, support, and encouragement but what if it's someone from a homogeneous African society a society where all of the people are Black who share the same type of cultures values, language, ethnicity and religious systems. But have never suffered the components of racism because of living in an all African environment the exception is South Africa.

How can Africans living in a homogeneous society sympathize with Black Americans who live in eclectic environments experiencing racism. Contrary to popular beliefs Africans and Black Americans do not necessarily share anything in common but DNA with similar physiological characteristics, but culturally our behaviours are different. Black Americans behaviors developed in a eclectic society where we now share resources i.e. churches, schools, hospitals and jobs with whites but we still deal with racism that is absent in many African countries otherthan South Africa. This presents a peculiar situation where white Americans are more capable of sympathizing with Black Americans than our African brothers and sisters because they primarily come from a homogeneous societies where many of the Black Africans share the same types of cultures values, language, ethnicity and religious systems and where racism is known but not felt with the exception of South Africans who have lived the same type of life as Black Americans. Going further north, African men and women only know racism as a buzz word because the white Europeans they see are UN soldiers or UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO workers. White Americans although racially and culturally different have seen the struggles of Black Americans therefore they can be better mates and hold a more sympathetic view towards Black Americans as mates. Most Africans mostly read about the Black Americans journeys in the annals of history which has no real value to them because many won't ever walk on American soil, let-alone marry a Black American male or female. To love a person of another race or culture is a challenge but having the ability for a mate to empathize or sympathize is half the battle. Many Africans do not have that ability to sympathize with African americans unless they spent some time in Europe. A white mate doesn't have to be told or shown the struggles of Black Americans because they have witnessed it with their own eyes and can relate to the struggles by their families, but Africans might turn a sympathetic eye. So, for Black Americans whites can be better mates than native Africans.