Down south there is a response they have towards a child doing something out of character. "Don't let me catch you" or don't get caught slipping. Slipping means relaxing, being off guard, not on point."

I have been in several Black churches over the years on Easter Sunday and the sermons have been for hundreds of years about Jesus beaten and crucified. Now, it is a very tearful story and requires some sympathy and empathy but tears should only come out of white Christians eyes and not Black Christians.

White Christians should cry because the image is always a white Jesus being beaten but why would a Black Christian cry over the same image of a white man being beaten when they don't cry over images of Black slaves being beaten. The response should be why are you crying Black man or woman when you are three generations or 150 years removed from being beaten yourself, and the event preached over the pulpit is 3000 years old.

Pull yourself together, who are you trying to impress with those tears followed by weeping and hollering. Don't forget your grandparents were beat for being black and just as outrageous was your grandmothers being beaten while pregnant.

Why cry over a man who scriptures claims it was his choice his right of passage. Your foreparents were being beat for being Black unto death no three days to rise.