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One of Dr. King's King's Civil rights soldiers was a homosexual; Bayard Rustin. Ten years before the March on Washington in 1963, Bayard Rustin was arrested for having sex in a car with a man. Bayard was one of the most prolific organizers of the civil rights movement, including as the mastermind behind the March on Washington. He wasn't booked for his activist work he was arrested over his sexuality. That January night in 1953, Rustin was having sex with another man in a parked car in Pasadena, California. He was jailed on a "morals charge," and served about two months in jail. The offense landed him on the sex offender list. Bayard Rustin was affectionately referred to as “Mr. March-on-Washington” by A. Philip Randolph.

Rustin organized and led a number of protests in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, including the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. While Rustin’s homosexuality and former affiliation with the Communist Party led some to question King’s relationship with him, King recognized the importance of Rustin’s skills and dedication to the movement. In a 1960 letter, King told a colleague: “We are thoroughly committed to the method of nonviolence in our struggle and we are convinced that Bayard’s expertness and commitment in this area will be of inestimable value” (Stanford University King papers)

After Dr. King knew about Bayard's arrest and conviction on charges related to homosexual activity Dr. King didn't turn into a sanctimonious Christian. That leads us to today's

LGBTTQQIAAP community. Had Dr. King been alive today he would have been in the forefront of the march for the civil rights of the LGBTTQQIAAP community. He was an opponent for rights for all. Rustin’s background would be controversial to other civil rights leaders and religious ministers but Dr. King embraced it as he did any Maladaptive behaviors such as racism. Would he attend Morehouse college at its present state of allegedly being a homosexuals affiliated school. Empirical evidence says, absolutely he would still attend.