The Civil Writer Magazine Evangelicals believe in the centrality of the conversion or "born again" experience in receiving salvation, and in spreading the Christian message. While they may go by different denominational names, evangelical Christians are unified as a group and set apart from other Christians by 5 core beliefs.

Regardless of what those 5 core beliefs are they are movers and shakers in the wrong way. They are Republicans first because of the Republican party's anti-abortionist stance and the appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges to help their cause. They are predominately white evangelical Christians who stick with the Republican Party agenda rightly or wrongly, morally or immoral, where they’ve long been a reliable voting bloc? Evangelicals makes up just over one-third Republicans and have been among the most loyal supporters.

Although they are movers and shakers in religion and politics they are like Jello with a very shaky political patronage and generally has one flavor vanilla aka white. Even if it means taking a stance by taking another's life by bombing abortion clinics with pregnant women in them to justify the means or shoot abortion clinics personnel to save an unborn fetus; which the hardwired ones will do. They cannot claim that they are morally doing the work of God when they accept an assortment of Republican presidents to fight their battles even if that president is immoral and politically corrupt. The evangelicals are often too concerned about abortions and not enough about racism and are too accommodating to a perverse president. Which is using a sinful tool to stop sinful progress behind a self righteous pulpit praising Jesus.