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The problem with so much of our worship is that most of it does not engage with sacrificing our time, money and efforts for others. When I see Church worship with hands raised and lots of heart-felt singing – it often leaves me struggling because it comes without sacrifice to man but empty praise to God. It is the most comfortable and convenient path.

It is all about the worshipper with hands raised. Are lazy members of a church the signature of a lazy pastor who only proclaims bring your tithes to the storehouse aka church. Maybe it is a Mecca to Jerusalem to see grave plots for profit. Or see artifacts of grandeur that are just as lifeless as the individuals who created them. But too often our worship is focused on how we are feeling, not how the poor, the blind and the oppressed are feeling. All too often they are placed at the back of our minds, if they were in our minds at all.

Jesus wasn't dancing to tambourines, taking communion every first Sunday and asking for tithes. Jesus was feeding the hungry, healing the sick, clothing the naked and supporting the widows. Don't go to Jerusalem taking the path of Jesus a few hours before his death. Take the path of Jesus days, weeks, months and years before his death. That is true worship.