For the love of money People will steal from their mother For the love of money People will rob their own brother

For the love of money People can't even walk the street Because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat For that lean, mean, mean green Almighty dollar, money

(For the Love of Money Song by The O'Jays)

The same money used to gamble with is offered to God as if he expects it. We treat it as a substance that God will punish you for if you don't pay up. As if it is extortion money forcing people to pay up by threatening them in some way with hardship. As if it is a "protection racket". The Mosaic law only allows money for transporting when the harvest for tithing is too bountiful to carry miles to a storehouse. Once a farmer arrives at a storehouse they must exchange the money back to a harvest for tithing to present to God. That's why the money changers were in the temple with money. Not to gamble with but to receive upon selling defected animals and produce for tithes and offerings to God.

Why would God hold man accountable for something he didn't create. The church would say money is a necessary evil to pay the mortgage, utilities and salaries which is true but the answer to tithes and offerings is, money can and should go to the church for those purposes but tithes in its natural form of fruits and vegetables should go to the needy and widows.

To make God out of a Mafia requesting extortion money is the wrong message to preach. To say God will multiple the desires of your heart for money is wrong.