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A formalist studies a text as only a text, considering its features not attempting to apply their own say as to what the text means. In general, formalists are focused on the facts of a text, because they want to study the text, and not what others say about it. Faith in scriptures should not overpower a formalist criticism and common sense just because it relates to Jesus. The gospel collectively constitue approximately 10% of the total word count of the entire Bible that is inclusive of words spoken by Jesus. Jesus doesn't approve any of the New Testament because it was written after him so why can't it be critically reviewed without fear. All parts of the scriptures should work together presenting itself as common sense where you can break down and analyze the scriptures into the smallest possible parts of understanding. It is not to settle by faith and say a scripture is structurally sound because it mentions Jesus. Jesus is a topic that can be critique and evaluated to develop a general conclusion about the individual activities as it relates to a messiah who he is reported to be.