People, or should I say 'big people'. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there with many weight loss meals you pay for to lose the weight. How much did it cost you to gain the weight, a bag of Skittles here, a snickers now and then, a Jelly donut, Ice cream and cookies.

Let's be real all those are weight shamers items intended to publicly mock or criticize someone for a particular aspect of their appearance or behavior in order to make them feel humiliated or ashamed. They are not part of your daily meal. Those are called emotional shamers for shaming overweight people.

The real weight gainers are starches; anything white and yes that includes salt that retains water. Full disclosure: I am a dialysis patient and mine and others weight gain is measured in kilograms. To make it simple, every kilogram is approximately to 2 pounds. Your body will hold approximately +/- 7 kilograms of water per day for a healthy person. 7×2= 14 pounds. If you add sugars and starches to that you can carry double that in weight.

If you partake in one of those weight loss programs ask yourself do they travel with you to a dinner party, birthday party, lunch meeting, picnic or breakfast outside of home? The answer is no! Those eating disorders if I can call them that are not a normal part of your life. They are programs or programming that must end at some point in your life. So what should you do? Pull away from the table. That cost you nothing, it is free of charge to limit your meals rather than pay a weight loss bill.