Do you know why white homeowners are always robbed in their sleep at night. They wake up at 5AM, " Martha we've been robbed."

White homeowners do not have ghetto security alarms.

They have wired systems that needs to be digitally turned on to make noise and alert the dispatcher.

Ghetto security alarms do not need power or an internet just a listening ear to alert the bat or Smith and Wesson.

In Black homes we keep our ghetto alarms tweaked for sounds coming from the doors, windows and stairs. If someone opens the door or windows at night they will squeak. If they walk up the stairs a creepin sound will radiate throughout the hall.

We don't repair those objects because they circumvent robberies and notify you that the son or daughter is sneaking in drunk as hell therefore if the door opening doesn't get them those stairs surely will. The ghetto alarms works on white burglars, spooks and spirits.

No purchase necessary.