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I was a freshman and in the Phi Mu sorority suite at Memphis State when I heard it on the radio. Some girls walked into the room talking and laughing about it. I remember cars honking and a general feeling of celebration around me. I felt bad but was too stupid and gutless to speak up. — Martha Asbury Wilson, Memphis

I was in the sixth grade at Holy Ghost Catholic School in Jackson, Miss. I recall that it was raining that evening when I came to get my report card. My teacher, Mrs. Alice Gordon, a strong, fierce woman, was crying inconsolably. She told me Dr. King had been killed. — Darryl E. Christmon, Silver Spring, Md.

This is a partial image list of those killed by incidents of racism or hate by white groups or individuals that have committed violent attacks against people because they were negro, black or African American whatever you choose. This group also includes victims of such violence, including white people who were attacked for trying to help black people win equal rights in the civil rights movement.