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God is contrary to what is considered usual, traditional, or accepted. He has been loaded down with dogmas and principles laid down by authorities as incontrovertibly true and doctrines of beliefs held and taught by Churches. Strip down God's requirements, for man, down to its bare necessity and it would be "I am the LORD thy God" the opening phrase of the Ten Commandments, which is widely understood to mean there is no other. But religion has introduced social-cultural systems of behaviors, practices, morals, worldviews, sanctified places,

prophecies, ethics that relates humanity to the

supernatural and spiritual elements.

You lug God around like a homeless person's knapsack with worthless weights and values whose subproblems of weights and values attached to it contributes to a larger problem of man made ideas about God. God, was before communion wafers and wine, tithes and offerings, baptisms, and sin offerings. God is unorthodox, unspiritual not concerned with religious values. God is God and there is no other. Therefore man can be an existentialist with a freedom and choice to receive God as he chooses and try to make rational decisions despite of religions with irrational dogmas and doctrines.