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Although Oscar winner Hattie McDaniel and the other black cast members were not allowed to attend the premiere, there was, ironically, another African American of note who did participate in the festivities. It was 10-year-old Martin Luther King, Jr., who sang at the whites-only Junior League Ball as part of the "Negro boys choir" from his father's Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Martin Luther King Jr., when he was 10 years old, actually appeared on stage at a charity ball dressed as a slave in front of a mock-up of Tara singing with the Ebenezer Baptist Church choir," for the premiere of the movie "Gone with the Wind." Hattie McDaniel a negro actor in the movie would not be invited to attend the Atlanta premier festivities.

McDaniel in the movie played the character, Mammy, and went on to become the first black actor to receive an Academy Award for her performance as Best Supporting Actress in 1940. When Clark Gable arrived on the set of “Gone With The Wind” in 1938, he was already one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Because of Georgia's segregation laws Clark Gable threatened to boycott the Atlanta premiere unless McDaniel was allowed to attend, but McDaniel convinced him to attend anyway.

Clark Gable never wished to hide the fact he had black and Native American heritage, but it was never widely publicized about the actor either. However, Gable was never one to dismiss someone because of their race.