One week after announcing that he was becoming a Muslim and now wearing the dark bow tie of the Nation of Islam, Benjamin F. Chavis Jr., the former N.A.A.C.P. leader, returned to his North Carolina roots for his debut as a minister in the organization headed by Louis Farrakhan. 'The same God that called me into the Christian ministry called me into the Nation of Islam,'' he said. ''What I am going to work on is helping to improve the quality of life in the black community. That's my forte.''

Although his life as a Muslim is long gone his last event with Louis Farrakhan was in 2015, he helped organize the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March: Justice or Else.

The question is, how can you go from one calling to the next involving a totally different worship in one God. Chavis received his Master of Divinity (magna cum laude) from Duke University (1980) and a Doctor of Ministry from Howard University (1981). Chavis was admitted into the PhD program in Systematic Theology as a graduate student at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and completed all of the academic course requirements. Chavis was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1980 after completing his master's in Divinity. Was he moonlighting with the Muslims. How can an ordained minister of the gospel for 30-odd years move from being a Christian to a Muslim? For Ben Chavis, it was not that difficult, as by his reckoning, it was God who told him to switch faiths.

What does he know about Jesus we don't know to go to a monolithic religion. Some people think that Minister Benjamin has turned away from the church. "I still work with the church. I believe in striving to be obedient to the will of Christ in my own life, in my own faith journey, in my own search for truth ­ There came a point in time in my own life as I searched for greater internal faith discipline in my own life - Islam became very appealing."

The God of Abraham that called me to be involved in the Christian ministry and affirm Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is the same God later in my life who called me later in life to Islam to see the teachings that are outlined in the Holy Koran ­the revelation Allah gave to the prophet Mohammed is not antithetical but a continuation of the prophetic tradition."

He practices Islam and relates to adherents of Judaism and Christianity. Go figure.