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The soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. Where the soul resides before entering a body is unknown and whether it joins the body at the time of birth is unknown. Or, is it created with the body during birth. When the body dies where does the soul go. Do angels escorts the soul to heaven or hell. If the soul is an intelligent entity like the mind would it voluntarily go to hell to suffer for the flesh?

Disturbed souls aka spirits or ghosts i.e., murdered, executed, suicide, mentally disturbed, accidental deaths are examples of ghosts who remain behind haunting cemeteries and buildings. Is there a form of intelligence with a disturbed spirit to know to stay behind on earth and not go to heaven or hell. Are spirits and ghosts that haunt cemeteries and buildings simply copycats or impostors spirits who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others. Why are some souls not forcefully escorted from the earth to a designate place?

Do they behave in such a hostile and aggressive way that they are hands off by the escorting entity(s) when it comes to taking them to heaven or hell or do they have a choice of where to reside. Soon after World War II, Winston Churchill was visiting the White House when he is said to have had an uncanny experience. Having had a long bath with a Scotch and cigar, he reportedly walked into the adjoining bedroom – only to be met by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Unflappable, even while completely naked, Churchill apparently announced: “Good evening, Mr President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” The spirit smiled and vanished. Was that really Abraham Lincoln's soul that relinquished going to heaven or hell to stay in the White House or was that an impostor.