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If there are things in the world God created that are questionable in design I would consider a fish that can electrocute its enemies in water but not electrocute itself. One of the new species -- Electrophorus voltai -- can discharge up to 860 volts of electricity, significantly more than the 650 volts generated by the known electric eel. An international team of scientists has found that at least three species of electric eel in the rivers of South America that carry different electrical currents as fish. One of them, Electrophorus voltai, packs an unexpectedly powerful punch, discharging shocks up to 860 volts to its enemies in water. The only fish of its kind with such a defensive mechanism in water. To make this eel's 860 volts understandable, a heart defibrillator packs 12 volts but humans should regard any voltage above 30 volts as threatening. Here is my point, God created a diversity among animals; animals that can breath in and out of water, animals that live in water but cannot breath in it. Could that be considered an error in God's creation. Yet theologians want to consider man's freewill being in error to sin. Why are humans with a freewill character in need of a savior to remedy a character from creation if it is a fault, but didn't make a fish in error having 860 volts in water that would kill a man in water but not itself, or create a whale that lives in water its whole life but cannot breath under water. Was a 650 - 860 volt carrying eel created in error to render a shock like that under water and not electrocute itself in the process, than how could humans have been created in error having freewill but yet needing a savior to take his own life to absolve this freewill rather God correcting the error during creation which we would never know took place. God the creator who made hours and days had enough time for a recall of man to perfect anything in him that's not correct rather than wait thousands of years to assist man using a human savior made from the same errant mold who by the way threatens you with death if you don't change the freewill errors that God permitted. Afterall we didn't create ourselves but it seems we must suffer the consequences of the craftsman's error if it is an error. Yet we observe all the strange creations in the world that we consider godship, from the character and personality of God's goodness yet we consider man to be created with errors and in need of an inerrant saviour who was created to die for those errors.