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Christian theologians are going above and beyond to make Jesus completely human and completely God with terms such as Hypostatic union, the combination of the divine and human natures in a single person and Trinity, the Christian Godhead as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Just as Jesus is to have the properties of a God he also has the properties of a human. Father, son, Holy spirit and human four coeternal consubstantial personal combinations.

So, he was human what does that prove; that he related to the physical, sexual, needs and activities of humans. So, he was divine what does that mean; his Godly components have no relevance to human pain, shame, struggles, or sicknesses. Theologians wanted to recognize every human emotion and every divine character he displays. Why was it necessary to categorize four Homoousion that are underlying realities of his properties capable of connecting or linking (two or more things) closely together. Which are not properties that any normal human have. The union of the human and divine natures in the one divine person of Jesus is not something that is representing anything found in a human.