The Civil Writer Magazine To know someone is to be aware of them through observation, inquiry, or information. Some Bible translations, such as the King James Bible, translate the Hebrew word יָדַע‎ (yādaʿ) (as know) even in sexual contexts, giving rise to lines like "And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived." If asked do I know God (to be aware of) I would have to say yes. But if it means through a meeting or spending time with then I would have to say no. To know God is an understanding of, an aware of, or be familiar with through meeting him or her.

To know someone personally means : you met in real life, rather than knowing about them or knowing their work in a book. To know someone personally means you have met them in person from time to time and have more than a passing acquaintance with them. Getting to know God can be through other's observation but it doesn't create a personal knowledge of your own. Getting to know someone is the process of acquiring knowledge; it usually takes months or years. You can also know someone and be getting to know someone at the same time – if you've learned a lot about that individual, but are also still learning new things about that person on a regular basis you are getting to know them personally.