The Civil Writer

Neighborhoods in the United States are becoming more racially diverse. Integration of diverse neighborhoods doesn’t necessarily show a similarity of neighbors of different races and economically equal. White homes are flowery decorated African Americans homes usually are not. White homes lawns usually have manicured lawns; African Americans well you know the answer.

White residents love their cats and dogs, you see them walking their dogs at all times of the day and in many types of weather. But for African Americans it is a matter of infrequent sightings of walking a dog in the neighborhood. In my neighborhood I have never seen an African American walk a dog. There are only two possible reasons, they don't own a dog or they don't walk them.

If they do own a dog they usually let the dog out into the backyard or better yet that's where it lives. We call those yard dogs. I have driven pass white dog owners in 32⁰ degree weather, thunderstorms, 12' inches of snow walking a dog. Not African Americans. We don't walk ourselves so walking a dog is out of the question. It doesn't mean we don't like animals it just that our culture dating back to slavery never had house Dogs which are simply an extra mouth to feed. A cat is simply worthless when it comes down to protecting the property.