I don't write to entertain and if it is entertaining it is my uncut opinions that are entertaining but not my biblical, social or historical facts of life. You might not like my opinions but in the still of the night they will come back to you by someone or something. My opinions can be from empirical studies but I have not cashed one check with your name on it so they are free to take or leave.

    Facts carry more of a burden than opinions. Facts are things that are known or proven to be true whether it's a piece of information used as evidence for a report, news article or Bible statement. I have sold myself to facts many times but not once to the devil. So where do you fit in. Well, you fit in with me by being opinionated everytime you open your mouth because even a view or judgment that you form, is not necessarily based on facts or knowledge.

    If I say you are ugly it is my belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete evidence. It's a personal view, attitude, or appraisal I have of you. When should you be concerned with my opinion is when you ask for a second opinion. If I have an opinion that you don't like charge it to my reasoning and not my heart but if I state a fact that is wrong charge it to my wallet. Meaning, I will make a reparation to charity of your choice if you discover an error in my facts but there will be a heavy discussion for accuracy. The exceptions are dates, times, numbers, definitions those are more academic errors and not statements.