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Let me start off this way, faith comes from darkness a symbol of mystery. Your minds instinctively fill in a presence of Jesus when there isn't an image to see in the darkness. If a voice called out to you from darkness how would you know who it is. What identifications are there sight unseen for you to depend on. For a parent, sibling or friend to speak out from darkness there would be a correlating voice that would mutually connect you to them for identification. But would that be enough evidence to persuade you that it's them? Wouldn't you need family history, a nickname, birthdate, address for evidence. Or would you just depend on faith which is not proof hoping you are right. What could Jesus say being you never heard his voice coming from darkness that would identify him. He couldn't present to you Bible verses to identify himself. Maybe he could talk to you through your mind but how would you know that was him and not yourself? Your trust would have to depend on the nature of what you believe rather than on a voice coming from darkness that you cannot identify. You are gullible when you have faith in a voice that comes from darkness that you establish as Jesus. All those events Jesus did in the New Testament are not proof to use to recognize jesus voice coming from darkness. You cannot identify him by those events because you were not there so your mind instinctively fill in an image of Jesus from a voice which you believe comes from him when there aren't any real evidence to support that. That is the case with answers coming from prayers being they are elements that you don't know who or where they're coming from so you have faith that they are coming from Jesus instinctively. You actually don't know the voice of Jesus nor anyother evidence that proves it's from him, so you simply uses faith in darkness that is a complete trust or confidence in someone or something site unseen.