IRS reportedly slaps Toni Braxton with tax lien for nearly half a million

You would have to be out of your Forgotten Damn Mind to want to date or marry Toni Braxton when she comes with a packaged deal, the IRS. According to court documents the Internal Revenue Service filed the first lien against the singer on December 4. The lien states that Braxton owes a total of $340,252.99 in back taxes for 2017.

What would a man get out of a relationship with Toni Braxton, Jesus, a golden penis or impotence from tax worries that are not yours. No man or woman is worth inheriting money problems and might I say neither a sickness

that developed before the relationship. Keep in mind there is a lot to being married and taxes and sicknesses are a false equivalency to an inheritance. F*&& the love if there are no shared values but shared debt.