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A few weeks after the massacres of 9/11, a listener faxed a copy of a story from The Tribune-Democrat, a local paper which serves that community. It was written by Tom Lavis and it tells the story of what the first responders saw upon their arrival at the crash site. They were shocked to find an unburnt Bible among the smoldering and disintegrated wreckage. That invokes the question what good was an unscathed Bible when people were dead, what was the point to be made. There were only two recognizable things on the ground — a burning tire from the landing gear and the Bible laying open on the ground with its pages as white as snow." "It was open to the First Book of Kings, Chapters 13 through 15" no relevance to life.

What was the message from this opened Bible and was the message more significant than the Black box. A saved Bible was not a miracle when other elements survived the heat from the crash. There was another book survival sighting. On a second floor of the Pentagon, right next to where the jet sheared off a section of the building, was an undisturbed stool. And on it was a thick, open book some say a Bible. Other on-scene news crews such as CNN reported that the book was a dictionary, as verified by a reader who went back and reviewed the tape of that day’s news:

We put a lot of emphasis on the Bible that is more historical for the Jews like the Koran is for the Muslims. For that one Bible that is known to have survived an airplane crash there are thousands that didn't survive house fires. What is it that make the Bible Holy is it because God's name is mentioned and his words. Is a newspaper Holy if it mentions scriptural information. There are buildings, land, books, communion and the crucifixion that are all considered Holy but none of them are acknowledged by Gods mouth but the first and second temples that were destroyed by fires.

Therefore Holy is a word rather than a substance of miraculous powers.