To determine if there is a God there needs to be a second question, where did this all come from? Some scientists will say this all came from an atomic explosion that started life billions of years ago that seem to be so intelligent that it gave humans, insects and animals some of the same body parts ie., head, mind, eyes, body, arms and legs and plants different mechanisms to survive life. The explosion knew to give the Black man dark skin for the sun and the white man fair skin for the winter snow. If this atomic explosion had this self-contained intelligence to do this then you must ask what gave this atomic explosion existence and intelligence. If it was capable of doing this then assumingly it is God almighty. Regardless of what maybe identified as the creator of this world such as an explosion billions of years ago, you would have to consider it God. If there sits an empty hat box the proof of a creator doesn't require a hat in the box but the existence of the box alone indicates the presence of someone or something existing to create the box. If that box is perfectly round that doesn't fully express the idea of its creator it is the content which it holds. And if the content which the box hold is not perfectly round it is not to say the creator made a mistake it simply shows his diversity.