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From Adam to Paul, Genesis to Revelation the tribes of Israel conducts themselves with an allegiance to the Mosiac laws but they have no cultures of other races. Israelites are a race of people with solidarity, unity and feelings and actions among themselves with a common culture but no Native American or Africans face paintings or tribal dancing. No skin cosmetics or great spirits. No Chinese Opera Masks.

In Genesis the Israelites culture are people who concealed their body since Genesis. "And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." The African male culture had penis sheaths or penis gourds called Koteka. African culture is expressed in terms of animal arts and crafts, nature folklores and religions, cuisines of animals, drum music and languages that do not conform to any relics of the Middle east people. Native Americans, East Asians and Indians and Africans replicated no ancient Israeli tribes. How can these cultures duplicate the religious activity of a foreign nation that produced a faceless God who destroyed nations other than Israel.

Isn't it odd that your cultures do not appear in the Bible. Neither does the Bible consists of your tribal face paintings, war dances, and cultural nudity. It contains cameo appearances of Ethiopians, Nigers, and Cushites all of north Africa and Egypt from a genealogy of a son called Ham but no people below. In many African religions, including the Dogon, the Ashanti, and the Igbo, the earth is an important female deity. With the Israelites culture the earth and all within are controlled by men. Africans and Native Americans didn't have dietary laws or prohibitions against menstrual women. African and Native American cultures didn't have temples or churches but worship drums to call upon their Gods. Both cultures have adopted a strange religion and their rituals and have in many cases replaced their ancestor's history of worship for another.