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What comes to mind when you hear gang banging; Bloods, Crips, or the Hells Angels.

All three are powerful gangs in the US and are notorious for drugs, and assaults, and are considered to be organized crime syndicates by the United States Department of Justice. Two are Black gangs and one is a white gang. Numerous police and international intelligence agencies classify the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club as a motorcycle gang and contend that members carry out widespread violent crimes, including drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods, gunrunning, and extortion, and are involved in prostitution. The Crips are one of the largest and most violent associations of street gangs in the United States. With an estimated 30,000 to 35,000 members in 2008, they have been involved in murders, robberies and drug dealing, among other crimes. The Crips have a long and bitter rivalry with the Bloods.

The Hells Angels have a Support 81 Online Shop, worldwide support gear available for all bikers, supporters and friends. The Crips in Georgia under Rap Artist Killer Mike started a product called Crip-a-Cola using all natural sweeteners unlike Coca Cola, Inc out of Georgia. The motorcycle gang the Hells Angels have products on the internet with no backlash or hatred even though they are just as notorious for gang violence then the Crips and Bloods. They have 3.5" Red & White Long Island Patch. $10.00. 4" Support Patch. $10.00 · Details. Label Sweatshirt. $25.00. Yet there are no whites against the gang or products morally.

The Crips tried on the other-hand to support themselves and the community with the same entrepreneurship and is not given the same support and opportunities as the Hells Angels nationally. Stores refused to carry the Crips product even if it was for the common good in the community. This is evidence that racism is in the mind contributed to the color of the skin even if all is equal. Racism is a product of a racial classification system where under the circumstances whites are considered more valuable at their worst state over blacks at their best. One gang the Hells Angels is doing something for the organization, the Bloods and Crips are doing something to further their individual wellbeing and the community.