This has been bad for the personal lives of once married R&B artists like Anthony Hamilton, Kelly Price, Keyshia Cole, Ginuwine and Mariah Carey, who have all called it quits on their marriages. You'd think they'd be experts on love and relationships since they specialize in love music but apparently it's just baby-making music. No R&B singers have had marriages that lasted beyond 15 years unless it's their second marriage. Ginuwine is officially a bachelor again after 12 years of marriage. Faith Evans decided not give it one more chance with her former

manager and husband Todd Russaw. They stressed out after 14 year of marriage in 2011. Brian McKnight and his ex-wife Julie admitted that they loved each other but just grew

apart when they ended their 13-year marriage in 2003. Just like most celebrities Lionel Richie loves women and he found it hard staying loyal to his wife and so he married twice and now has two ex-wives. The exception are the first couple of Pop and Soul,” Billy Davis Jr. and Marilyn McCoo of 5th Dimension. They’re celebrating 50 years of marriage and can’t believe it! Davis said, “we woke up this morning and said 50 years?!”And the best part to them is that they still like each other, maybe even more then they did in the beginning.

Is making love more easy to sing about than marital love in music. It seems that Blues singers marriages last longer than R&B singers. Themetta Toddy Suggs and Chuck Berry have been married for 68 years. They were married on 28th Oct 1948. Is it because they know more about "Wedding Bell Blues" and less about sexual love because Blues singers are mature adults. Maybe it is part of the record industry's peer pressure for R&B singers to sing about sex but not commitments to each other or a baby.