JAIL THE BLACK MAN INTERVENE THE WHITE MIND There is a new Sheriff in town called intervention. Why is this? Well, too many white people are going to jail. Oh how the table of guns and drugs have changed.

What is the cause for shootings and drug overdoses. There is a direct-cause (man). And then there is an indirect-cause (the mind) that acts by using a third party device, (guns or drugs) where violence, death and prison are the end-results. Should society jail the man and not free the mind. Is an intervention becoming a white privilege or a right of passage or should I say the right way to pass the prison.

Being guns and drugs were for years an African American issue, society jailed the Black man just for possession. Now that guns and drugs are part of the white community, society wants to free the white mind. An intervention is an action taken to improve a situation for whites. Jail is not an intervention for Blacks but an exclusionary action to close the door in order to keep them out of society.

This is why we have white intervention. Between 2000 and 2015, the imprisonment rate of black men dropped by more than 24 percent. At the same time, the white male rate increased slightly, which the Bureau of Justice Statistics numbers indicate. Among women, the trend is even more dramatic. From 2000 to 2015, the black female imprisonment rate dropped by nearly 50 percent; during the same period, the white female rate shot upward by 53 percent. Blacks are not going to prison in record numbers because they are now reaping the laws and interventions that are made for white privilege and they are getting smarter and becoming more productive in society.