Christian counseling is distinct from secular counseling in that it specifically incorporates the spiritual dimension, Biblical truths, and a seeking of God's will in an individual's life. The ownness is on Jesus for your recovery.

Secular counseling seeks to interpret life on principles taken solely from the material world you live in, without recourse to religion. The ownness is on you for your recovery where it should .

With Secular counseling, time is in your hand. With Christian counseling time is a part of the recovery at the mercy of God. I have experienced them both and Christian counseling leaves nothing to the person at hand to change but to simply pray and have faith it will go away rather than take responsibility for your own actions and assist with them going away.

Secularism the principle of separation of the state from religious institutions in a counseling format is universal and capable of going in and out of a society regardless of a religion. Religious counseling is confined to Christian.

How does Christian counseling deal with drugs, sex, finance and even the burdens of marriage? It uses some 2000 year old obscure scriptures for modern times and modern causes. As an example, should we have separate bank accounts doesn't take an act of Jesus but common sense. Is prayer more feasible than precepts and examples. I am not against Christian counseling. I am against it limited sources for resolutions outside of praying when prayer is not a documented or constant fix for any problem.

When it's all said and done with Christian counseling you are recovering from religion, marriage, drugs or life. With secular counseling you are recovering from you.