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Many would say "what difference does it make that Jesus is considered white". Then why was his race changed from Israeli to white.

British-Israelism teaches that David was white because their Christian doctrine states that Esau and Solomon were white people, which according to them if Jesus was from the lineage of King David, Jesus would be white and ruddy. White theologians have made all biblical figures white after the Jews scattered “in exile” outside Palestine or present-day Israel and to have European names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, James and Mary having lived in an Olive complexion region where whites were the minority until the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple in 70 CE, by the Rome empire after which Jewish communities scattered across Europe, Asia, and Africa becoming white from European intermarriages. But Jesus was local, born and raised.

I grew up in a Black Christian home, where a photo of a white Jesus hung from the livingroom wall. In that picture, Jesus looks kind and gentle, he gazes down at me lovingly. He is also light-haired, blue-eyed, and very white. An image that is demographically inaccurate for the Olive region where he was born and lived in. Insisting Jesus was white is bad history and bad theology which no white preachers and very few Black preachers will protest.

Does any of this matter? Well, it does matter when it is not the empirical truth. As a society, we are well aware of the power of representation. An Olive complexion Jew turned into a white God suddenly given the pathway to power and influence in a white society. This sin of forging a lie continues to cause dissension and violence in the world. Despite the progress that has been made, we continue to find racism at the center of religion in all parts of society, because of the acceptance of white superiority in a God. If Jesus was discovered to be Black society will implode.