Let's set the record straight a murder is a sin, a killing is not. A car accident, hunting, war, are all killings. If a thief goes through your window and you shoot him that is a killing. If a thief goes through your window packing a gun and shoots you that is a murder because he packed the gun with a premeditated intent to kill his resistance.

Most want to apply murder to an abortion because it is premeditated with forethought to abort. But the Bible has set precedence for an abortion as being a killing like a car accident, hunting, war, that have some forms of reconciliation but not a cause for sin. Because in the Bible it was used as a tool towards women.

Yes, murder can happen in a premeditated second rather than minutes or hours because you responded with the intent to murder, rather than a killing reaction because of a military order, being intoxicated in an accident or a response from a mad grizzly. You didn't preplanned any of it.